Visual Styles

I follow a multidisciplinary approach to screen based video content. The tools and techniques I use are tailored to each unique project so whether it’s CGI, live action shoots or generative content, I’m able to create work across a broad range of styles and aesthetics.

Projections, LED and everything in between, I create visuals that are bold, dynamic and captivating.

In camera practical effects have formed the foundation for much of my work.

Miniatures, sets constructed using reflective surfaces and LCD displays are filmed with robotic camera tracks and tripods to create illusionary visual worlds.

I’m passionate about live events and dedicated to elevating them into immersive spectacles. By combining my expertise in fabrication and programming, I develop hardware and software tools that enable me to explore new experiences and interactions from the traditional screen and beyond. From immersive projections to projection mapped light sculptures, this can enhance the live experience in new and transformative ways.