Custom Light Boxes

Eight modular light boxes visualise the unfolding of space and time during the live performance of The Unfolding by Hannah Peel.

Each light box is modular by design and shares components allowing them to be easily transported, built and repaired.

A large LCD panel formed the basis for each light box. This allowed video and realtime content to create each effect.

Acrylic was used to diffuse the LCD creating a warm, light box like glow.

The modular nature of the light boxes meant the layout could be easily adapted to suit each venue. By using video as the light source, content could be mapped onto a single box or across all of them.

A literal sketch on the back of an envelope made during the initial creative meeting with Hannah.

I’m always amazed at how true to the final product these sketches end up being.

Choosing the right light source was a balance between the aesthetic and the practical aspects of creating versatile content. Using a diffused LCD panel allowed visuals to be created as videos and played across multiple boxes.